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RM Group is an Indian Conglomerate headquartered in Pune ,India . It is diversified in various business sectors which include: Construction, Real Estate, Educational Institutions (Including Schools and Colleges), Agro, Floriculture, Taxation & Legal Services as well. Founded in the year 2002 RM Group focuses on providing the customers with Best range of products and services, be it business related or personal life related.From legal services to building homes, or from agricultural products to Education, we have left no stone unturned.

With sheer amount of dedication and smart work. RM Group focuses purely on customer satisfaction and thus works in maximum fields with the best services provided. The vision of RM Group is, "To provide happiness, comfort and luxury to our customers with our products and services" and our mission is, "To be the number one provider in terms of real estate, education, legal services and also in maximum fields as possible".


12 April

Cafe Coffee Day Global's New Outlet launched at Rich County.

5 April

Hamy Capital Project Launched.

2 Feb

RM Group of Companies focuses on candidates and people with high quality technical and soft skills.

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